Monday, April 12, 2021

The Creation of "Bella"

"Bella Il Maré-Determination"
Currently on exhibit at The Small Favors 2021 show
in Philadelphia, PA

The creation of "Bella" went through a wild transformation.  I started documenting her creation and early on hit some snags.  From measurements being incorrect, to the paper armature giving me issue in the muzzle, she quickly became a difficult piece to work on and I was determined to see her to fruition.  In the end, I was extremely happy with her final outcome. Her acceptance into the "Small Favors 2021" exhibit was amazingly exciting for me. 

As this exhibit is coming to a close, I wanted to share the documentation.  She was very much like a mare throughout, but she eventually gave in.

She was sculpted using cone 6 white stoneware, which is a very lovely and creamy clay for both hand building and wheel throwing.  I have used both Amaco and Mayco commercial glazes on this piece. 

Here is her transformation:

Starting to build the clay around a paper armature.

Getting things in their proper place.

Adding bone and muscle structure.

Very excited about the idea and flow, so I 
added a mane prematurely.

At this stage I have captured the "spirit"
of the drawing, but thinsg are off so I start
taking measurements and they are very off.

Off with her muzzle!

It took many tries, but the piece 
started to feel and look better.

Refining all the changes.

Adding seashells and a windswept mane to
the bottom.  The piece was now at the "leather hard" stage
and I could carve and smooth to my heart's content.  

The finished sculpture.

The other side.

Close up of the glaze effect around her base.  I was thrilled when I opened the 
kiln and saw this all came out as I had envisioned 

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