Thursday, September 25, 2014

Winged Things

The end of summer has brought a handful of dead winged insects to my path. The wings on these bugs have been so pretty that it was very difficult not to try and use them in some fashion. I knew no better way to use them but in fantasy pieces. Ive been having a blast remaking resins and little Breyer foals into winged delights. I may even have more coming as more winged things keep appearing in my yard.

A Chaney resin with wings

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

All Fixed Again!

Before: Broken earthenware china.

In the spring of this year I opened up my studio to china repair and there has been a healthy flow of broken babies into the studio.

The two pieces featured on the blog today were really quite challenging to work on because both were such delicate earthenware pieces. I am happy to report that both are now feeling much better and are ready for the show string once again.

Do you have a china that needs repair? Feel free to email me and discuss your piece.

After: Earthenware china fixed.

Before: Broken back leg and tail.

After: Both the back leg and tail fixed.