Friday, January 25, 2019

Restorations & Repair Studio: CLOSED

Piece visiting the studio
for full out restoration.

CLOSED until end of February 2019


THANK YOU all so much for your enthusiastic response to my restoration and repair services. At the present time I've had to close my studio to all new restorations and repairs for a short spell. I am doing this so I can properly focus on all that has come into my studio within the last 2 months and so that I can do an excellent job on all the pieces that need restoration.

I am currently being inundated with a barrage of emails, tweets, instagram messages and facebook notes from people about their restorations and repairs and I do appreciate all that is coming through, however, I cannot seem to get to all of them fast enough for people, nor can I keep straight where everything is coming from as many are sending the same note to me multiple times on multiple platforms and this is causing stress for me.

I want you to note that.....
I keep a pretty tight and disciplined schedule in my studio as I do have another job outside the studio which requires I quit all studio work by 2pm. Some days working from 7:30 am till 2 PM is just not enough time to create and although I try to answer emails on Mondays and Fridays, some Mondays and Fridays the creative bug just hits, or a tricky restoration gives into me and I continue working. I try not to let that happen as I know answering correspondence is very important. Being reminded that Im not doing a good job of this from potential clients in emails or PMs causes stress and closing the books until I can handle emails properly and handle what has come into the studio is best for me, for my current clients and for my potential clients.

Many don't understand that if I spend my entire mornings online answering everything and reviewing all the images that have come in from everyone then I have that much less time to paint commissions and restore. That in turn makes those waiting for their things to get finished and come back to them angry. So basically me trying to please everyone all at once is just making someone mad at me and making me miserable. :(
I am a one trick pony here. I have no assistant. No one else but me cataloging all coming in, fixing/painting, contacting, invoicing, quality checking, packing, shipping and then corresponding once again with tracking numbers.

So please understand I am closing the restoration books so I can catch up and not fall grossly behind which makes everyone stressed, even me. I anticipate reopening the restoration books the third week of February and my news members will receive notification of these openings first.
And if you were wondering, yes the image is of a Japan china that arrived broken in several places . This particular piece will take well over 2 weeks to complete. At the present time I am three days into just attaching the pieces and have one more piece to attach then I can start the actual restoration. Each piece is set against gravity then requires 24 hours to cure. Thats only ONE broken piece. I show you this piece so you can see how complex many of the pieces I receive can be. I cannot stress enough that if one wants super quick ASAP work then I am not the restoration artist for you. Its not that I am lazy or incompetent. I am thorough and each piece is handled like the fine art it is and some pieces, like this one, naturally require more time to complete.

Thank you for your time and your understanding.

Huge issues with this piece.

Restoration once completed.

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Happy New Year

Goodbye Old Site

Happy New Year!

Every new year there are resolutions and promises to one's self. Promises to change aspects of life that aren't quite going as planned. For me, 2019 prompted a very heavy and serious decision about my online presence. Although Ive had a website online since 2000 the entire site went dead during my divorce and eventual move to a new state around 2010.

I had spent countless hours up until that point creating my site and updating it, continually tweaking the html. Then, life happened and the site fell very silent. Not having the time nor the means to update the site properly started to weigh heavily on me. Another year went by and another promise was made to myself and another resolution broken, but I kept promising myself I'd update the site. Then, the years just started to fly by and pile on...

2012, resolution broken.
2013, resolution broken.
2014, resolution broken.
2015, resolution broken.
2016, resolution broken.
2017, resolution broken.
2018, resolution broken.

Finally, in December of 2018 I was done breaking this promise to myself and took the issue firmly in my mind and hands and propped it right into the fire and started working on fixing this once and for all. I literally worked for four days straight turning this promise into a reality.

New site. Opening page

New interior pages

Although I will miss my old site because it was my creation 100%, it served its purpose well and its time had come. The new site is lovely and so easy to update and its all mobile friendly! So many things have changed in the world of website creation since 2000 and one needs to stay on top of such things in the world of art, even if its just art on little model horses.

Overall, I'm very thrilled to unveil it and the best part is that every aspect of art that I dive into is in one spot. All my ceramics, all my landscape painting, all my illustrations and all my equine art are all on one site.

So if you get a chance definitely head on over to

and check out all the different portfolios!

And, to end this first blog post of 2019 I'd like to say my final farewell to an old friend......bye good friend. Thanks for all your help throughout the years.....

Last glance at the interior pages