Thursday, November 9, 2017


My china nemisis.


The only time limit that persistence has is the threat of quitting. There has been a continual issue in my studio that has found me wanting to quit a repair for good. This repair has required much more patience and a heap of persistence than anything I've ever encountered.

The breaks happened at
a most awful place in this design.

This beautiful break came to me about two years ago and for two years I have been trying multiple times to fix this beast to no avail. There have been a couple of times where I started to do a victory lap around the room, only to find the pieces rebroke during the sanding phase.

I remain perplexed, but confident at some point, persistence will pay off. It has to.

Stay strong!

Tuesday, November 7, 2017


Day one of Seven
Black & white Photography Challenge

My focus since the summer has been streamlining almost every aspect of my studio. Less time online and more time focused on my craft. Less time conversing and watching cute videos and more time organizing the studio so orders are processed faster and with much less stress. More time implementing new ways of handling supply usage so there is less waste and more efficiency. All this takes thought and time itself to put into practice. All of this demands focus.

My focus has been on reconnecting with old artist friends as well so I regain some sense of an artist's life. Many days roll into one another with a feeling of emptiness and lack of connection. Oh sure, popping up a few finished photographs of the latest painted resin is nice, but to chew the fat with artists about color theory and what something "means" to them artistically is truly nutrition all artists crave and need.

So that is where my mind has been and in the process I've rekindled a dwindling artistic flame. Any artist who claims their fire never dies is throwing a lie. It happens and it needs to be dealt with quickly.

There are many pitfalls and time sinks online, especially on social media, but there are still some good and wonderful packets of nutrition lurking about. This past week I decided to partake in a seven day photography challenge and it helped spark even more flame within my artistic soul. I felt it a nice way to help refocus the blog. I hope you enjoy.

Day two of seven
Black & white Photography Challenge

Day three of seven
Black & white Photography Challenge

Day four of seven
Black & white Photography Challenge

Day five of seven
Black & white Photography Challenge

Day six of seven
Black & white Photography Challenge

Day seven of seven
Black & white Photography Challenge