Tuesday, November 30, 2010


And the big reveal...eek!

Obviously I've pissed off the kiln gods. Scrambling to find a way to smooth things over and appease.

Monday, November 29, 2010


Mini Scarlet getting finishing touches
and a tail extension.

Ok, prepping the work station kept my mind occupied for less than half a day. LOL I am however, still enticed by the Tennyson poems this week. I just love the way he writes. It's a lovely escape.

Tired or not I can't seem to stay in a tired foul mood for long. So back to work I go. I believe I have come to somewhat of a finish on the Mini Scarlett. Appaloosa patterns have always enticed me and it's very easy to get lost in their hair patterns. Once the owner of this little gal asked for her to have some hair extensions I decided to take a break from hairing and just let my eyes rest. Although I matched the tail nicely I never do feel like I can execute the "style' of the original artist spot on. It's close and lovely, but each sculptor's hand is different. No matter how hard one tries to copy the original there is just something missing. I think it's just the artist's spirit. You can never recreate that.

I'll be setting up a table at the local Christmas/craft fair this coming weekend and have a bit of pottery stock left over to sell from last year. I also decided to rid my stock room of many of the porcelain pieces I had on hand for china painting commissions. I've decided to explore roses as much as I can on these pieces as roses truly frustrate me. I figure that at some point I'll just paint so many of them it will just click fully. I think I'm 1000 roses left to getting it. LOL These are just a few of those pieces being produced this week for the sale Saturday and Sunday.

I guess in the spirit of "Cyber Monday" I should also mention that I have a few horses for sale. Stuff from my collection and a few things that just maybe didn't get enough "air" time and were missed. I'll try to post them tomorrow.

China painting on porcelain
creamer and sugar bowl

More roses on porcelain
Paper weight and necklace medallion

"Over the dark world flies the wind
And clatters in the sapless trees,
From cloud to cloud thro' darkness blind
Quick stars scud o'er the sounding seas:
I look: the showery skirts unbind:
Mars by the lonely Pleiades
Burns overhead: with brows declined
I muse- I wander from my peace,
And still divide the rapid mind
This way and that in search of ease."

~Alfred Lord Tennyson

Sunday, November 14, 2010

More Sketching

I'm not quite sure where I'm going with all of this, but it feels right and my soul feels happy. So onward I sketch. What is pretty cool is that these are just snippets of characters roaming about in a town that is unfolding in my brain. It unfolds like a movie. Slow at first then it speeds up and I have to visually grab the characters and pull them on the side, study them and flesh them out on paper. Once the movie starts rolling I just have to run, grab paper and start sketching. I'm on a most exciting journey.

More sketching...

I must confess that this guy is my favorite from this sketching session. There is just something so endearing about his will to go on despite his physical deformity. Perhaps he just reminds me of my little gal Nala who I know I must put down. The time has come. Her tumor grew....there is nothing more to do I'm afraid. Even in her awful state she continues to inspire. It's time though and I've grown selfish with her. Perhaps that too is why I Iove this sketch. In a weird way it immortalized her willing spirit one last time before saying goodbye.

Monday, November 8, 2010

A Blue Pencil...

Sometimes it just takes one supply to inspire a drawing session. Not sure why this Prismacolor pencil caught my attention tonight when I was fumbling through my desk, but I was able to flesh out a few character sketches I've had on my mind. I also let my hand let loose with the equine form, which still continues to elude me.

The first sketch is my favorite tonight. I'm going to further explore this guy.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Collection and An Oberon

A Rose "Oberon" in
progress. Will be FS soon.

I've been silent because I've been working with Divine Rooms on some decorative painting jobs which has taken me away from the studio. I'm enjoying the work and find that when I come home to the studio I can't wait to put some glaze on some horses. Each job you work on inspires the rest it seems. This Oberon is being glazed with very light washes of dark bay. It's a time consuming process, but the richness that is produced is worth the time spent.

I also have been meaning to share some of the hearts from my "heart collection" with you. Most recently I've noticed hearts everywhere. I started to take shots of them with my phone and have quite a collection growing. I think it's pretty wild. None of these images have been altered. What you see is what was there right in front of me. Some of them (actually most) appeared when I seemed to need a little pick me up. :)

My Heart Collection: