Sunday, December 31, 2017

Dear 2017...

Water, water everywhere...

Dear 2017….

I’m glad you're leaving.

It’s been a very long year with you 2017. Each month you brought bad juju and baggage into our relationship. Each month while I tried to create, you meddled and demanded my time and hence my creative fire became neglected.

The little breaks around the studio, the big breaks around the house and even the car wasn't left out in your selfish demands. You were non stop with your wants and kept me away from my studio for days. I struggled to attain lengthy creative stays at my desk, but upon reflection I’m not sure I had one straight week to work quietly this entire year. Was time alone too selfish a request? I’ll be happy to see you go out the door for good tonight.

From bathroom tiles falling off magically, required a full regrouting of the bathroom which took a week away from studio work, to the broken washer which remains broken because the protocol and politics involved in a warranty are lengthy, numbing and tiring. Your demands broke my spirit.

Yes, you were a tiring mate that brought not one water main break into our home, but as I sit here typing my goodbye to you, I’m dealing with another that just may create a serious issue with the furnace on the coldest day of the year thus far. Perhaps this is your final parting action and words for our relationship 2017?

Promise of a new year.

I wont lie, my eye has been held fast on another. Two thousand eighteen looks handsome and elegant all dolled up for the “ringing in festivities” tonight. 2018 seems to have a gentleness and understanding about him that may very well heal me. I think he “gets” that I need my creative time cause I suspect 2018 is a creative too.

Oh, no, don't worry two thousand and seventeen, I wont be going out tonight. Oh, no no no! I must sit vigilantly by the furnace making sure it doesn't shut down and if it does I have to be prepared to keep the house and pipes from freezing. So no, I won’t be having fun while you're lining up your twelve month accolades and achievements on your mantle. Sip away on your champagne while you reminisce. I’ll be keeping watch with the furnace tonight.

So, good bye 2017.
And to quote Forest Gump, “And that’s all I have to say about that.”