Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What I Made Today

Bloody shoulder PAM

I made a few things this week. I finally made it to finish on this Proud Arabian Mare I've been working on for months. Her production was time consuming but oddly satisfying. I'd get my brushes out and just fall into the "hairing trance". It was so theraputic. I took a few more shots of her before her tail was complete. As much as I'd like to keep her I must let her go. She'll be up at auction soon. Maybe Friday of this week?

I really had fun on her

Will be up for auction shortly

I also made some drawings. Mice...mice...mice.....what else would be on my brain once I get a crow quill in my hand? I loved the gal mouse with the little yellow dress on. She was my favorite. Just something about how floofy and billowy her dress turned out in ink. I captured movement just the way I wanted.

Mama and Baby
mixed media

Mixed Media (for sale please email me.)

Mouse with the Yellow Dress
Mixed Media

Other things happening here in the studio is that I am preparing 2 more Lil Pumpkins for painting. I only have about 6 unpainted resins left for sale and Im happy about that as I seemed to have planned the run size appropriately. Last thing I need is extra stock. I must say that I am getting much enjoyment out of adding paint to my own sculpture. Its almost like putting clothes on a Barbie. Although, I must admit I hated Barbie as a little girl. I hated any doll of any sort. It was all animals and horses for me.

Well, off to the studio again!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New Adventures

NEW release: Lil Pumpkin!
Only 6 remain for purchase!
See more info here.

Another week that is flying by! I had promised myself I'd keep on top of the blog but before I knew it I was behind...again!

Well, I do have a good excuse this week. No slackin or nuthin. I released my newest resin "Lil Pumpkin" to the general public and there have been quite a lot of emails to answer. I also like to keep the office flowing nicely and hate forgetting orders or fumbling with money so I generally take it slow in that area and make sure all my "T"s are crossed and all my "I"s dotted. All that, of course, takes away from time in the studio. So nothing was completed on the Mini Scarlett Im working on or the Taboo or the Imps, but next week, after things have settled down I'll be back painting and "doing".

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Up Along The Horizon

Up! Up! Up!

There is so much coming up along the horizon here! From a new gardening season to the release of the second batch of unpainted LIl Pumpkin resins, I am filled with inspiration and excitment at all the new happenings.

The first batch of Lil Pumpkins was released already and sold out. I am thrilled at having to box them all up and send them out to new homes. Thank you to everyone interested in her. I anticipated releasing the second batch right after Easter but couldn't resist painting the first artist choice up in appaloosa before the release. I hope to get a much better shot of her over the weekend to show you.

Lil Pumpkin In Progess

Formation of a new base

In the meantime, I am struggling with making a cute little base for her. The Artist Choice pieces will have a full base with resin tree and beautiful footing. I wanted this first one to have a bit of height to it. I tried to make height using paper mache but it is just failing badly. I couldn't remember what hubby used for his Warhammer pieces. Apparently it was foam. We had a TON of it here....once. LOL I hate having to throw stuff away in the studio cause you never know when you'll need it.

I really need foam now.

Ill figure things out Im sure. Nothing plaster can't fix. Nothing hot glue can't help remedy. In the end something "cool" looking for the first Lil Pumpkin to stand on is all I need. Something cool and fun.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Artist Choice #1 Lil Pumpkin

Loafin and lazin....that's been me lately.

I've been away from the blog for a spell. Easter, family, my son's 5th B-day and a myriad of non studio things held my attention. The spring weather hasn't helped. I have found myself soakin in the sun as much as I can and breathing in the fresh grass as it's growing. Watching the trees bloom and come back to life has been rejuvenating, but most definitely bad for studio work. Basically, nothing has gotten done.

Today was literally the first day since March that I've really worked. It felt good to be back in the studio. It was calming and serene. I worked on the first Lil Pumpkin from the resin batch. Half the run sold at the end of March and I plan on releasing the last few shortly. As soon as this artist choice piece is painted. I wanted to show her off with some spots this time around.

First ice cream of the season

Well, back to the studio and my pudgy little pony.