Friday, March 26, 2010

From this....

From this

Choppin and remakin

to this!

"Blackberry Frost" an
extreme remake from Breyer Sms.

I love an extreme remake. I love chopping these horses up and reattaching pieces. I love burning the plastic and carving into it. The sky's the limit. So much fun. BTW, you can catch the full tutorial on how to do this in the next issue of Just About Horses.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


JAH SM remake project

The becoming a habit!

Habits are hard to break and that includes the good and the bad. This month I have totally dropped the ball on conversing studio happenings. My apologies. Life just got the best of me and the blog has suffered. I must admit though you didn't miss much. Here is a quick rundown of all that happened:

• Finished an Imp
• Finished a Ravenhill
• Pulled out the raku kiln and raku-ed!
• Made a few porcelain bowls that came out perfectly. No shimmy. No odd openings.
• Was invited to participate in another craft fair.
• Wrote a Newbie article for RESS.
• Finished an extreme remake for JAH (will appear in the July/Aug 2010 issue).
• Started painting a PAM in fleabitten grey. Sweet!
• Lil Pumpkins arrived from the caster. She looks great! A clean beautiful casting from MVS.
• Started designing a book on pastel/mixed media painting/remaking techniques.

There was other stuff, but I frankly can't recall . The days have been blending in together.
Be sure to check out the July/Aug 2010 issue of JAH and you'll find an extreme remake there. I really went nuts chopping things up and it is sure to be a fun project to follow.

Well, life calls again. Don't forget to catch me on Facebook. Many times I pop up quick shots of stuff going on there.

Friday, March 12, 2010


Proud Arabian Mare in progress

Well, I guess you could say I took a bit of time off from blogging. I sorta felt the need to be away for a while. Some weeks are just like that. You need to get away and break routine. There hasn't been much happening in the studio to be honest. I'm working steadily on visiting commissions and posting the photos and outcomes as fast as I can up on the official studio Facebook page. It's been easy to post quick sentences there. (Here is the link if you'd like to check it out: The Art Of Jenn Danza)

In between the commission work I have managed to make some serious progress on the sales PAM! I'm incorporating new techniques and am loving the freedom and ease of fine oils after the pastels are applied. I can sit quietly for hours just adding detail and not have them dry so fast or get frustrated as the extender dries too quickly. I never felt a connection with oils outside of canvas work but I'm happy to say that I feel happy and at ease using them most recently. The photo of the PAM was taking rather quickly with the camera on my phone. Its blurry with very little detail, but I do promise to get a nice shot of her soon for you to see. I feel confident in showing one side of her head soon.

My gal Falcon laying an egg

My hens have all started laying eggs. It's been a most exciting time here in the house and I must say that the eggs are delicious! I absolutely love the position the hens get into right before they lay. Its a beautiful compact shape that I am dying to capture in both pencil and clay.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Here But Swamped

Newly finished Imp

Im here. Just swamped. Will post more soon. :)

Thursday, March 4, 2010


First egg from my hen

A most excellent development. Thank GOD too cause mentally I've been drained with personal stuff. Good ol nature to the rescue with a mental pick me up. I guess that is all for today. I'll try and show off the PAM (or at least talk about her a bit) tomorrow. She has been very relaxing to my brain to work on.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Another Week....WHOOSH!

On the primer table

Another week has gone by....


It's been a very funny two weeks. Not a funny two in a "har har" way either. Between the curve balls that were thrown at me earlier last month in my personal life to the oddball amount of strange emails I've gotten from people who were long gone out of my life I have to ask, "Is there a full moon out or something?" And yes, there was a full moon out last night and last night seemed to bring the end to all things "odd" so phew, thank God. Odd things and curve balls hold no place in a fully functioning and positively spiked studio!!!

During all this though I did manage to get quite a bit of prep work done. I love to pour all that negative energy into seam removal and an old Love PAM was the perfect victim for my negative abuse; so too, was a Love QH stallion. Amazingly, I prepped most of the commissions visiting me and also prepped stuff I've been meaning to get a handle on for a few years now. Nothing like drama to get the mundane things done. LOL

I also had the pleasure of unwrapping my brand new Dorothy Graham custom while I was silent here on the blog. Meet my new boy the Trakehner in Copenhagen Blue. Isn't he a dream? I just love him and LOVE this Breyer mold. I'm so happy she was willing to paint this one up for me.

My new boy by Dorothy Graham

A moment stolen in the
dirt. Nothing like a dirt bath

Well, work calls and I screwed up a china painted piece earlier this morning so I have much to do to salvage it. I'll share it when it's done. It's a pretty plaque with flowers and a quote. Flowers and quotes have been very popular with clients lately. It's fun to work on....when the crow quills want to work.