Friday, December 30, 2016

I Dislike...

Ugly paneling in the mudroom.

I disklike paneling. Period!

I grew up in a house filled with dark brown paneling. It was what was in style back in the late 60s early 70s and my father loved it and placed it in every room of my childhood home. When I purchased my home a few years ago I found, to my dismay, that a few rooms had the ugly stuff cover the walls. I knew I'd eventually repaint those walls.

Having closed my studio to model horse work and art work in general until the first week of 2017, I decided that this small vacation time would be the perfect time frame to paint those ugly walls in my laundry/mudroom.

This technique involves two different colors, some light layered washes, and some beat up old chip brushes, and in the end I believe the look is clean, fresh and reminiscent of an old country barn. Overall, it solved my hatred of the walls. I love them now! I now have a room that features some of my simple country decor and some seaside decorations. I call this room the "Country Seaside" room.

The best brushes are the old ones.

Now the space has a more
"barnyard/country" feel.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Almost Christmas

Custom Breyer G1 Drafter
playing in the snow.

This is the last weekend before the big Christmas day. I've always disliked that big rush to get everything done before December 25th and choose to slowly shop over many months for gifts. I find it more fun and satisfying and less aggravating. Sometimes, I will plant myself at a mall during this last rush and watch people, draw people, and be thankful for the time to just sit.

One thing I love about this season is decorating the house and studio. My work tends to take on a more "Christmasy" flair, even the photo sessions. I find that I just want to plant finished models in beautiful snowy backdrops in order to capture the perfect scene. Yesterday, I found that the G1 is totally fun to play around with in the snow. This particular model was for sale, but has sold. If you have a G1 and have a vision for it please know that my studio is always open to repainting the older Breyers.

Confectioners sugar makes
the best snow and doesn't harm the models.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

While Im Away....

During the long silence I found myself finishing many pieces. Here are just a few of the pieces I completed most recently that I truly enjoyed working on.

Sarah Mink's "Fritz" resin
in a chestnut color.
Beautiful resin. Recent finish.

"Leela" resin sculpted by Jennifer Danza
and addition of a butterfly created a new look.
Leela is still available for purchase.

Donna Chaney's drafter secured to a brick
base and painted a chestnut tobiano.

Copperfox Model customized to a British Spotted Pony.
Loved showing this little gal! She NANed her first time out!
Sold, but still well loved by me.

My little "Leela" resin all dolled up in a spotty mule color.
This gal named, "Leeaberry" qualified for the
Nationals her first time out.