Friday, December 16, 2016

Almost Christmas

Custom Breyer G1 Drafter
playing in the snow.

This is the last weekend before the big Christmas day. I've always disliked that big rush to get everything done before December 25th and choose to slowly shop over many months for gifts. I find it more fun and satisfying and less aggravating. Sometimes, I will plant myself at a mall during this last rush and watch people, draw people, and be thankful for the time to just sit.

One thing I love about this season is decorating the house and studio. My work tends to take on a more "Christmasy" flair, even the photo sessions. I find that I just want to plant finished models in beautiful snowy backdrops in order to capture the perfect scene. Yesterday, I found that the G1 is totally fun to play around with in the snow. This particular model was for sale, but has sold. If you have a G1 and have a vision for it please know that my studio is always open to repainting the older Breyers.

Confectioners sugar makes
the best snow and doesn't harm the models.

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