Saturday, April 19, 2014

On The Workbench

Quick shot of the desk today.

There are many things currently on my workbench including repairs, touch ups, and full commissions. Out of all the work I have been most intrigued with repairing chinas as of late. What wonderful challenges some of these pieces pose and I have been salivating to fix up the worst pieces a dear and very close friend sent to me to practice on.

I have been so pleased with the china repair and how it's all been turning out that I will be opening my books for china repair very soon. Until then, be sure to watch the blog and see how this guy transforms.

Opps! No worries, he'll be
good as new soon!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

When Pets Go Bad

Warmblood resin that sustained
damage from a hungry cat.

Sometimes accidents happen. Accidents on original finish pieces and limited edition artist resins hurt. This particular repair came into my studio after the owner's cat got a hold of him and starting chewing on various parts. Since he was a resin it was much easier to fix than an original finish Breyer. None-the-less, the repair took a while and I documented the process cause I thought it might be interesting to view.

Repair on this piece was done using both Amazing Sculpt and Liquitex Marble Paste.

Have a piece that needs repair? My studio is always open to both OF and resin repairs. (China repairs coming soon.) Please email me if you are in need of this service. Thank you. (


Muzzle after many
layers of sculpt and marble paste.

Hoof fixed.

Muzzle fixed.