Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Been burning the midnight oil these days on commissions and other various projects I've tacked onto my already hectic days. Thought a few photos would say more than I ever could about what is going on studio wise here.

I also found it cute that the last photo will probably be the most challenging of my current projects. Yes, that is a sketch of Spongebob. My son has requested a Spongebob mural (not small...but big) on his wall. Of course, I dabbled with a few sketches already, but those were quickly and forcefully shot down by my little art director. I've been given a new "revised" sketch to follow. When I asked what had happened to Patrick, Spongebob's partner in all things fun and frolicy, I was advised to "Look inside the pineapple. That's where Patrick is! Can't you see him?" LOL

Without a doubt, it will be a challenging project. I hope I do ok. I must admit. I'm a bit nervous. He's going to be a tough client. =:oo

Eberl "Babette" resin
being painted a blue roan.

Two Rose "Working Girl" resins
sportin' different coats

Eberl "Weather Girl" in
dappled bay.

Future sales pieces
currently in progress

Request for mural

Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Tree...Yep, in Brooklyn

Sketch done in charcoal

I love trees.

I love drawing them, sculpting them, painting them, climbing them and sitting under/near/around them. The best part about moving back to PA is that I get to be near as many trees as my little heart and head can handle. How strange that I had to come BACK into Brooklyn to yep...paint a tree on someones wall. It was fun. It was challenging and it was strange to be back. I've come to the conclusion that I don't miss Brooklyn (well some of the people and some of the food. Pizza and sushi just aren't the same in PA. I actually don't even know WHERE to get sushi in PA to be honest. It was heaven to have some again though.) I also came to the conclusion that no matter what the medium or surface I love reproducing trees.

Transferring the tree on the wall
with white chalk.

Blocking in color.

This tree was for a baby girl's nursery (who will be born soon). The basic process is sketch in pencil or charcoal, map out in chalk on a freshly painted wall, block in color then detail everything. The entire mural, including name in ribbon script and seven butterflies took about eight hours, good help from cousin Angela, many kisses from Mario (the pet dog), and the never ending hope we'd meet neighbor Steve Buscemi. The later never happened but that's ok as I couldn't seem to pull myself away from all those puppy kisses once I left the nursery anyway. Overall, the tree that I drew in Brooklyn proved to be a creative delight.

Details. Mural was
too big to fit in the photo frame.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

More Bar Sketching

Last night proved to be another successful live sketching night at Tommyboy's Bar & Grill. Perhaps it was the company of my very best friend Abbigail whom I've known since my first week of college that made drawing so easy. Perhaps it was the wings? I have been craving them for several weeks now. Perhaps it was the creative vibe that permeated through the room from Three Imaginary Boys...Abbi and her husband John's nephews. They played their hearts out and their drive was infectious.

I stayed out much later than I ever anticipated and got a TON of great sketches. My sketching was on which made up for all the disasters that happened in the studio earlier in the day, including spilling an entire jar of linseed oil everywhere on my desk and carpet in the office. Thankfully I've learned to leave serious artwork alone when I get clumsy.

Well, here are the best sketches from the night:

He was so serious.
Must have had a bad day?

Loved his head and neck.

There was a theme that kept repeating itself during this session and that was skulls. I had to really concentrate on skulls in order to get the drawings correct for both balding men and for those wearing hats. It all started with this guy who was bald. His head had a great shape to it and he was thin so the neck was all muscle which meant I couldn't flub anything. I had to draw this guy spot on. In an instance like this you have to visualize the skeleton underneath the skin. I think I captured the shape well. This is my second favorite drawing from the night.

She had the cutest pigtails

A hat with glasses proved
to be a challenge.

A different type of forehead


I couldn't resist drawing her. Her bra was too tight and her camisole too small which caused an interesting effect in her chest to draw. It was line upon curve, upon line. She moved too much though and was way too bouncy to keep up with. I stopped struggling to capture the line when she asked the female bartender to pop a Beef Jerky down her cleavage. Sorta took the fine art aspect out of it and I couldn't help but wonder if the female bartender got tipped well when all was said and done.

Loved the tuft. Had to draw it

She was GREAT to draw.
Completely Reubenesque.
She left too soon.

My favorite drawing
of the night. She was so graceful

Awww...my cowboy!!
This was by FAR the most difficult
person to draw. That HAT...so hard to draw!!!

Hard to capture him.
Im still undecided about whether
this was a success.

Farrah is alive and well
in Nanticoke!

And last but not least, the best body to draw in the entire place last night belonged to this girl:

Full drawing

She had beautiful form and a gracefulness that I couldn't ignore. I believe I captured her dead on. She was such a pleasure to draw. Everyone was a pleasure to draw. Thank you. :)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

At the Casino

So my baby brother and his lovely fiance came in for a visit. There is nothing I love more than visitors, most esp. my baby brother. When he visits it's a constant stream of laughing and hi jinx between us. And this last visit left me with sides hurting. We managed to find our way up to the casino and as is the norm with me I wasn't without my sketchbook. These were the best three from the session.

At the slot machine

Playing craps
he looked very frustrated

He looked absolutely bored
to tears sitting
at that machine.

I also managed to finish a couple of horses. Thought I'd share those too. If you find favor with these pieces please note that my commission books have been opening every 1st week of the month. Secure a spot and have your favorite resin painted by me. These openings are announced on both my Facebook page and my Yahoo News group. Please be sure to check them both out!

Finished "Telsa" commission

Maureen Love foal customized in bay