Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Been burning the midnight oil these days on commissions and other various projects I've tacked onto my already hectic days. Thought a few photos would say more than I ever could about what is going on studio wise here.

I also found it cute that the last photo will probably be the most challenging of my current projects. Yes, that is a sketch of Spongebob. My son has requested a Spongebob mural (not small...but big) on his wall. Of course, I dabbled with a few sketches already, but those were quickly and forcefully shot down by my little art director. I've been given a new "revised" sketch to follow. When I asked what had happened to Patrick, Spongebob's partner in all things fun and frolicy, I was advised to "Look inside the pineapple. That's where Patrick is! Can't you see him?" LOL

Without a doubt, it will be a challenging project. I hope I do ok. I must admit. I'm a bit nervous. He's going to be a tough client. =:oo

Eberl "Babette" resin
being painted a blue roan.

Two Rose "Working Girl" resins
sportin' different coats

Eberl "Weather Girl" in
dappled bay.

Future sales pieces
currently in progress

Request for mural

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