Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Tree...Yep, in Brooklyn

Sketch done in charcoal

I love trees.

I love drawing them, sculpting them, painting them, climbing them and sitting under/near/around them. The best part about moving back to PA is that I get to be near as many trees as my little heart and head can handle. How strange that I had to come BACK into Brooklyn to yep...paint a tree on someones wall. It was fun. It was challenging and it was strange to be back. I've come to the conclusion that I don't miss Brooklyn (well some of the people and some of the food. Pizza and sushi just aren't the same in PA. I actually don't even know WHERE to get sushi in PA to be honest. It was heaven to have some again though.) I also came to the conclusion that no matter what the medium or surface I love reproducing trees.

Transferring the tree on the wall
with white chalk.

Blocking in color.

This tree was for a baby girl's nursery (who will be born soon). The basic process is sketch in pencil or charcoal, map out in chalk on a freshly painted wall, block in color then detail everything. The entire mural, including name in ribbon script and seven butterflies took about eight hours, good help from cousin Angela, many kisses from Mario (the pet dog), and the never ending hope we'd meet neighbor Steve Buscemi. The later never happened but that's ok as I couldn't seem to pull myself away from all those puppy kisses once I left the nursery anyway. Overall, the tree that I drew in Brooklyn proved to be a creative delight.

Details. Mural was
too big to fit in the photo frame.

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