Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Where Have You Been?

Most recently a friend asked where I had been since my blog had been dead. It was apparent from his note that he truly missed reading my words. I took his note to heart and let his words sink in. "Where have you been?"

Where have I been?

I have been holed away in my studio trying hard to hone my skills. Skills I feel are terribly childish and lacking even after all this time of trying. Skills sacrificed to daily life and the tantalizing pull and glamor of multi media outlets. Skills that seem to drain me to the core on a daily basis. Skills that, when contain my blood and very soul, elicit a reaction from a potential client of, "Meh, it's okay."

Skills that find me tired at the end of a long work day wanting to watch some of God's skills instead of dweling on mine. Skills that want nothing to do with the world of tv or politics or any other creative ventures I need to follow. But, I must confess that writing is a part of this artist's soul and without it I do loose a piece of who I am personally and find I need to write.

Where have I been?

I have been here.....

I painted them....

and I painted this....

....and this too

And when no one was really paying attention I also put my hand to this gorgeous sculpted piece posted below. I painted it with all my heart. It finally found a good home but not without me worrying if I had done a good job painting it. The days of non sale made me question IF I should be selling any of my art at all. Yes, even after 37 years of painting and trying to make my art look as good as possibe, I question if I should even be making art.

It's true, I was unfamiliar
with the braid color but never the less put my heart into
the entire painting of this piece.

There have been more pieces since the last post. I will leave you with the very last piece I painted and has left me wondering what I could do better. It has left me wondering many things personally. Ultimately, it has left me wondering where I have been.

Breyer CM to a customized "Bobby Jo" sculpt.
She is for sale. $495 ppd in USA.
Full view of this horse.
Im personally so pleased with her.