Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

Our Jacko-lantern...spooky!

Happy Halloween everyone!
I hope you had a fun filled day. We celebrated the holiday in full festive style with pumpkin carvin' in the morning, treat prep in the early afternoon and dressing up for our walk around Brooklyn in the afternoon to gather good memories and candies. I stayed fairly low key dress wise, but did have a weird lookin tiara on, and I painted my hair grey and pulled out my rattie Cinderella to enjoy the festivities. She stayed around my neck and shoulders and hung out. Oddly enough, no one even saw Rella. Odd. Overall, a great day that ended with homemade clam chowder and a really good bottle of port.

Happy Halloween everyone!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Where To Start?

Wins from the Pocono Ponies Live show


I'm not sure where to start. I think my head is still in a fog over the great time I had at home visiting my parents and attending the Pocono Ponies Live show this past Saturday. There is so much going on studio wise here that I think if I stop to process it all my head will explode. I really don't know how I'm going to get ready for the December Christmas Fair or even if my mind wants to wrap itself around this concept now two days before Halloween, but alas, next week my hands will be deep in the mud making useful items like mugs and creamer sets for Christmas. I guess the best place to start is to just run down all that I am working on so you can get an idea of what is coming down the pike.

Kiln loaded and ready for firin'

1). Little mice on more porcelain boxes.
Yep, at this very moment I have quite a few offerings cooking (hopefully for the last time) in the kiln. Little mice (and one lonely bunny) either dressed for Halloween or waiting the harvest is in there cookin. There is even a miniature pitcher and basin in this bunch. I was hoping to unveil everything yesterday, but I'm thinking a weekend sale will be more realistic.

2). The new Christmas ornament for 2009 has been cast and the plaster mold is currently in the warm, dry boiler room drying out. I'll begin pouring molds in about a week and a half. I "may" have a handful of resin copies for sale. I'll definitely be giving one away. Not sure where I'll do that though. On my twitter page....or on my blog. Hmmm....

"Lil' Pumpkin"
my newest original sculpture

3). Ahhh....Lil Pumpkin my pudgy little backyard pony is now fully complete. She came with me to the show and I had alot of fun showing her off. She will remain a very limited run in resin and she will also be offered in china. I have been enjoying her finish this week because soon her little self will be encased in silicone so a copy can be obtained and that copy can be sent to the caster. I will, as I have in the past, use Mountain View Studios. They do a beautiful job casting. Im excited to have a few copies to try out a ton of colors! I can taste a appy Pumpkin!

4). The Hedgie family
was also encased in silicone this week and a successful mold was made. I am currently creating the plaster mold for this family. They will be a china only production. Im not sure if I'll make them realistic or if I will paint them up in fun colors like lavender and pink. What's your view? Realistic hedgehogs or something fun?

5). Other sculpts in the works are: "Chilly" the little mouse with a scarf, "The Sleepy Little Puppy" who will come complete with a ball. Each puppy will be a OOAK, "Big Pillow" is a mouse on a big pillow. Each will be a OOAK and lastly Leela and Ophelia are well on their way to finish.

Good gracious there is more but diner calls and homework is in need of completion. Homework for my son that is. He actually likes doing it now so bonus for me the mom.

Keep a watch on my twitter page for news flashes and if you haven't joined my ceramic news group please head on over and join. Any china production will be announced here: Danza Ceramics News Group

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Here But Swamped

Goulashes and Umbrellas


That about sums up what is happening here both studio-wise and personally for me. I came home from the Pocono Ponies Live show (which was fantastic) to a very dirty and completely unorganized house. I practically ignored all my house duties while trying to get ready for this show and those chores have become monsters this week.

So...this week I've dedicated myself to getting the house in order. If the house is out of sorts, so is my work. I'll have a full update about the show with photos AND will have LIl' Pumpkin's final studio shots and all the new studio developments very soon.

Friday, October 23, 2009


Hot Shot ready for the show!

...I'm off to the show!

I hope to have a great time, meet some new people, maybe win a ribbon or two, and finally meet some old friends in person! I can't wait! I am truly looking forward to it! If you are at the show (Pocono Ponies) please do not be shy! Come on over and chat! I'll be workin on a Boreas and will have much time to waste before the AR/CM divisions. I just don't have the head to really do performance. Although....I did throw in a few tack items just incase I got brave. LOL

See you soon with lots of photos!

Hot Shot another angle

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Best Parts....

...of going home to PA is seeing my parents and of course, seeing my baby brother:

Isn't he awesome? I can't wait to see him again, see the new tricks he's learned and show him what I've created. Being with my baby brother is always so inspiring! I can't wait.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Busy Gettin Ready

Breyer CM getting some
layers of paint

The weekend was busy.

Between a JAH deadline and getting my critters ready for a show, I've been mad busy. I'm not sure I'm going to be able to get all the pieces ready that I want to for the show. Perhaps that's not such a bad thing since I just found out we are only receiving half a table. I'll try my best to finish stuff and fit it all onto half a table. I know I definitely want Stormwatch finished and I've decided that my china Pixie should come out and play. This show is giving me incentive to finish both. They have sat unfinished for a while.

So, if you are going to Pocono Ponies Live I'll be there. I'll have a few raku pieces for sale too. A little of this and a little of that. If I can I'll bring bodies for sale. They'll be cheap.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Lil Pumpkin!

LIl Pumpkin sculpture

Finally...a finish.

I'll tweak her one side a bit more in the chest, but overall I'm rather pleased this long project has come to a close. I released Opus about three years ago and this piece was started during Opus' production. I've made lots of changes over the years to her and am primarily interested in getting her into a ceramic version cause that is where my heart is pulling me. It will be fun to paint a few up in resin though. But, just a few. ;)

Full information on her will be made available to my NEWS group. If you aren't a member, be sure to join!

Top of Lil Pumpkin

Pony sculpture from the right

Will work with many colors


Lies...the bigger the better.

The song is really on my mind today but I'll try and post photos of the finished "Lil Pumpkin" sculpture in the afternoon. For now....Thomspson Twins...

Lies....lies...lies get out....they're gonna get-chu!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Horse & Harvest

The horse....

Breyer Remake front

Breyer Remake from the side

...and the harvest is on my mind today.

More Harvest pieces

Monday, October 12, 2009

YEAH!!! I Can Upload!


I'm able to upload photos. I wanted to show you how the little mouse "Chilly" is coming along. I also couldn't resist sharing the photo of my son running to me at the vineyard with a handful of freshly picked flowers. :)

Just a glob of clay
I see a mouse in there...

He's slowly forming...

He gets some form and
a scarf and hat

I've gone too far.
I'll have to rethink everything

More to come...

Flowers for mom

Arr.... >:/

Well, ARRR....Images won't load today. I have a bit to share with you but can't. Not sure if this is a Blogger problem or a computer problem on my end, but I've been trying all morning to show you how the little mouse sculpture is coming out, (his name is "Chilly") and I can't. Very frustrating!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Goodbye Madeline

Today: another funeral.

All day this scene from Harold & Maude played in my head. That happy little umbrella bouncing about amongst the blackness was on my mind as we laid our roses near the purple casket this afternoon. Our friend (and sister in law's mom) Madeline is in a much happier place now. My faith tells me that there is more, but even if there isn't, nothingness is better than what she was enduring for the last year. So she IS in a happier place.

Her family was there to say their final goodbyes as was her health care aid she had toward the final months. Ms. Marie was torn up. I'm not sure how that woman could do her job. Taking care of every need and making friends in the process of that care then loosing her friendships to illnesses. Her heart was breaking today because she and Madeline bonded. Ms. Marie said her final tearful goodbyes then turned and announced, "I'll see you soon mama! I'll see you soon!" It was done with the happiest of voices. It was such a powerful reminder not to dwell on the negative, but look to the happy little umbrella bouncing amongst the darkness.

Goodbye Madeline...

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Blogger's Block

Bringin' out the harvest on porcelain

Perhaps it's the mice, the joy of using lots of orange paint on everything "harvest" themed or just the full moon itself, but I'm fairly sure I have blogger's block. I just can't seem to write anything quick and smart to accompany my pictures. I've been groaning at the thought of hoppin on the blog or reading other blogs. It's just not like ALL! I love bloggin and reading blogs. I guess all that moving and groovin' and workin' away is just getting in the way. I just don't want to stop.

That isn't a bad thing, is it? Bad to wake up anxious to work? Bad to hate having to go to bed cause you have to sop working? Anywhoo....some goodies coming for the harvest pictured above with more on the way. Much more.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Culprit

Needs a jump

There it is....the culprit in the radio silence as of late.

My Exilim battery won't recharge and after doing some research I've found out that if I jump start it with a 9V battery I might be back in action. For now, I'm trying my best to work with my cumbersome Olympus. Seeing that I have been totally entrenched in sculpting this week I've decided to put off any fancy mechanic work till the weekend. My head may be clear then. Maybe not.

Christmas 2009 ornament

New ornament in progress

Took a ride to Bed Bath and Beyond yesterday and was totally inspired by the Christmas decorations and ornaments. My mind was working overtime with ideas and I sat down late in the afternoon to flesh out a few designs for this coming holiday season. The little pony with halter had been in the works for a long while, but it wasn't till yesterday that I could see him finished and hanging on the Christmas tree. I begin molding (hopefully) tonight. I was so excited about the new 09 ornament design that I started in on another head almost immediately. It's not quiet there yet. The muzzle is giving me trouble, but with a fresh eye later today I'm sure I'll tack it down.

There is a ton of china painting going on for the fall harvest too. But again, with my small Exilim camera I can just keep pulling it out of my pocket and snapping away. That little camera is just perfect for every lighting situation and you just point and shoot. Perfect for a blog. The Olympus, however is production. Every step is filled with hassles and I really don't feel like moving the china and risking breakage or boo boos in drawings just for a good, clear shot with this Olympus. I mean, even downloading takes longer with the Olympus and is a pain. So, I may have to wait on showing harvest items till the weekend.

One good thing about the Olympus though, it takes fairly nice video and I will promise to get more shots of the new chicks. They have actually grown and are trying out their wings. They seem to line up and take turns flying. Its the most adorable thing I have ever seen. No wait...I saw something else pretty incredible and cute. The chicks pouncing on a moth that found its unfortunate way into the coop. Wow, the little girl who snagged that tasty treat was followed for a few minutes by five yelling chickies all wanting a taste! It was really wild in a barbaric sorta way. Bugs....beware! Your time has come in our yard!


Thursday, October 1, 2009

October 1st

Peasant Stomper in progress

The first of Oct....

It's a cold, windy first of the month. The heat actually came on in the house and that smell of the warm air steamin' up through the radiators brought back memories of coming home from school in the fall. Something about that smell that just makes me want to hunker down with a nice pot of tea and draw.

Today I let myself just fall into that mode and drew...mice, of course. What else would be scampering about in my brain? Some peeping chicks perhaps, but I haven't actually taken my sketchbook out to the hen house to draw them. I certainly should because they will be grown before I know it. Until then, I'm letting the mice scamper about as they please. They are getting ready for the harvest.

They're back!