Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Culprit

Needs a jump

There it is....the culprit in the radio silence as of late.

My Exilim battery won't recharge and after doing some research I've found out that if I jump start it with a 9V battery I might be back in action. For now, I'm trying my best to work with my cumbersome Olympus. Seeing that I have been totally entrenched in sculpting this week I've decided to put off any fancy mechanic work till the weekend. My head may be clear then. Maybe not.

Christmas 2009 ornament

New ornament in progress

Took a ride to Bed Bath and Beyond yesterday and was totally inspired by the Christmas decorations and ornaments. My mind was working overtime with ideas and I sat down late in the afternoon to flesh out a few designs for this coming holiday season. The little pony with halter had been in the works for a long while, but it wasn't till yesterday that I could see him finished and hanging on the Christmas tree. I begin molding (hopefully) tonight. I was so excited about the new 09 ornament design that I started in on another head almost immediately. It's not quiet there yet. The muzzle is giving me trouble, but with a fresh eye later today I'm sure I'll tack it down.

There is a ton of china painting going on for the fall harvest too. But again, with my small Exilim camera I can just keep pulling it out of my pocket and snapping away. That little camera is just perfect for every lighting situation and you just point and shoot. Perfect for a blog. The Olympus, however is production. Every step is filled with hassles and I really don't feel like moving the china and risking breakage or boo boos in drawings just for a good, clear shot with this Olympus. I mean, even downloading takes longer with the Olympus and is a pain. So, I may have to wait on showing harvest items till the weekend.

One good thing about the Olympus though, it takes fairly nice video and I will promise to get more shots of the new chicks. They have actually grown and are trying out their wings. They seem to line up and take turns flying. Its the most adorable thing I have ever seen. No wait...I saw something else pretty incredible and cute. The chicks pouncing on a moth that found its unfortunate way into the coop. Wow, the little girl who snagged that tasty treat was followed for a few minutes by five yelling chickies all wanting a taste! It was really wild in a barbaric sorta way. Bugs....beware! Your time has come in our yard!


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