Friday, October 9, 2009

Goodbye Madeline

Today: another funeral.

All day this scene from Harold & Maude played in my head. That happy little umbrella bouncing about amongst the blackness was on my mind as we laid our roses near the purple casket this afternoon. Our friend (and sister in law's mom) Madeline is in a much happier place now. My faith tells me that there is more, but even if there isn't, nothingness is better than what she was enduring for the last year. So she IS in a happier place.

Her family was there to say their final goodbyes as was her health care aid she had toward the final months. Ms. Marie was torn up. I'm not sure how that woman could do her job. Taking care of every need and making friends in the process of that care then loosing her friendships to illnesses. Her heart was breaking today because she and Madeline bonded. Ms. Marie said her final tearful goodbyes then turned and announced, "I'll see you soon mama! I'll see you soon!" It was done with the happiest of voices. It was such a powerful reminder not to dwell on the negative, but look to the happy little umbrella bouncing amongst the darkness.

Goodbye Madeline...

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