Saturday, October 30, 2010

Oct 30th, 1989...

Octobter 30, 1989 changed my life. That was the date of my interview at Pratt Institute so many years ago. Every year I take a moment to stop and reflect on my life as a person and artist on this date. Today I stopped and reflected with a pistachio muffin.

Green through and through

Thursday, October 28, 2010

If You Were Curious....

If you were just a little bit curious about one way to china paint here is one of the methods I like to use. It's a "wipe out" method that I find very relaxing. Just layer on the color, blend and wipe out your image. Fire.

A clean piece of porcelain

Add color

Blend the color with a silk sponge.

Wipe out image and then fire.

More to be added...

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Quick shot of studio desk

If you visited me this is what you'd see on my work desk. I like to work several pieces at once as this keeps me very ingaged and fresh and it's quite a lot of fun for me to juggle several pieces at once. Today I enjoyed working with oils and used some dry brushing techniques. I could feel the artist's high kickin' in almost immedately. Oh yes, the artist's high is real. It kicks in with one or many good projects....and it IS addictive.

Imp resin to blanket appy

After two weeks I start going crazy without art. After three weeks I go insane and if more than five weeks pass I'm just a pile of goo not comprehending much of anything. I've learned that art is the only thing that has remained true in my world. It always teaches a good lesson, it always brings joy and it never disappoints. Never. I can always rely on art. Always. bets are on art. ;) Of course, sometimes art throws a strange curveball which I've learned to be ready for. Check this paper out!!! It was so much fun that I had to purchase the notebook when I was in Staples. I could totally see words on the lines and illustrations to accompany the lines above. I never knew such paper existed. You learn something new every day and hay, if you want to snare an artist dangle pretty notebooks or cool paper in front of them. It works like a carrot....every time!

Waiting for words and images!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Calculating the Time

New glass pendants drying
on the windowsill.

I calculated the time I've spent away from the pottery wheel the other day. It's been close to a year now.

It's not that I don't want to be at the wheel, it's that a lot has happened since last year and when I sit at the wheel I find myself just staring at the clay mound going round and round. I guess the spinning wheel is just too hypnotic. There seem to be so many imaginary pieces of a vase strewn about the floor that I just can't seem to find the time or the energy to pick up but a few small pieces at a time. Clay has been the casualty in my life at the moment and I suppose I should call myself lucky that this was the only casualty. I still have a urning to paint small intricate details on 3" figures for hours. This creative desire has helped me accomplish much on my commission work. Hour after hour working a 1/4" spot has been so oddly soothing and addictive. Crazy, I know.

Mini Fabrizio in silver dappled dun.

It was just there...
on the floor of the post office...
waiting for me.

Weird things happen when one starts picking up pieces of imaginary broken vases. Odd things that tell you you are not alone. A song will come on that reminds you of a loved one that has passed away or you start remembering things you long forgot. Im my case its been visual...I've been seeing hearts everywhere (I'll share them with you soon. I take a photo every time I see a heart.) This past week the visual image was a holy card. Someone obviously held this card dear. It must have been with it's previous owner for months, maybe years. I almost felt bad picking it up off the floor, but at that moment it dawned on me that whomever owned it before me was long gone and would probably understand that I needed it more now. Since finding it I feel a strong sense of calm as it has been gracing my workspace.

So, to whomever lost it, I promise...I will take very good care of it.
Thank you.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Apple Store Midtown Manhattan


Such relief and happiness today in the studio. After traveling into Manhattan to have my Mac looked at the Genius Bar I was happy to discover that my problems were caused by a faulty power plug. Happiest $80 for a new fix I think I've ever spent. I literally expected the worst.

It felt great to be on the trains again. The sun was shining in the train cars for part of the ride which made sitting inside oddly beautiful. It was just a typical Wednesday traveling from Brooklyn into Manhattan, but for some reason I felt a new sense of freedom and happiness just sitting there with the sun streaming in. I still cannot pinpoint the cause or root of the happiness, but I let myself sink into the blissful moment and even enjoyed getting lost around Central Park.

I have to confess that after all this time living in NYC I have yet to see more of Central Park. I have yet to venture to the many attractions the city holds and that included the beautifully designed Apple Store in Midtown Manhattan. The store literally captivated me. It was all glass with a huge spiral glass staircase which led one down to the store. It was so asthetically pleasing outside AND inside. Even the employees were pleasant and knowledgable and check out with an Apple product was mind boggling. The Apple Tech pulled out a phone, pushed a few buttons and then swiped my credit card right on the phone-like device. In two seconds everything was paid for and I was handed a fairly swanky bag with my purchase. I just stood there taking in the organization of the entire store and the beauty of every aspect. Everything was so well organized and well designed. It was a very pleasurable experience all around.

Monday, October 18, 2010



MY computer totally died. Although I welcome the quiet I am finding away from the cyber noise I feel like my legs have been cut out from beneath me. I'm at a stand still in parts of the studio. Hopefully I'll be up and running....soon.