Monday, July 27, 2015

Live Sketching & Live Bands

A good night of sketching

Before my trip to Kentucky I was fortunate enough to catch a really great band named, "Empire in Decline" at the local bar and grill. I had my sketchbook in hand and the drawings were, for the most part, on that night. My determination for the past year and a half in trying to truly capture people's likenesses within a few seconds of view in an everyday setting (and in some instances a most uncomfortable setting) has been very challenging. With constant observation and practice it's almost second nature now.

Well, almost....I can view, retain in my memory, and then reproduce the faces I've viewed, but add a musical instrument or have a bass player walk around the room while trying to sketch him, and it changes things greatly. I now have new challenges to work on for the future.

Overall, I'm very pleased with the outcome of this particular session, and the band was truly great that night. It was the first time I had ever heard them and despite my drawings being on with patrons, I struggled drawing the band as they played. They were not one of those, grow on you after a few beers bands. No, they came out full force great with a U2 song, which absolutely delighted me cause 1). I love U2 and 2). I was dying to hear U2 loud in a room and I got that and then some. But the band not only did great covers but their own music is fantastic! I'm very happy for my Empire in Decline CD. It was well enjoyed to and from KY and hasn't left the car or my playlist.

Sadly, the bar was sorta empty. People are missing out on some great creative inspirations! But the patrons that were there that night got to enjoy great music and they did not escape my pencil. Here are some of the patrons....

Nailed the hat.

Another hat with a brim
that was crimped just so...nailed it!
He was my best drawing all night I believe.

Loved the position
of his neck and shape of the head.

2nd best drawing of the night.

Drummer in the band.
He wasn't sleeping....but he was difficult to draw
behind all the equipment.

Sorta captured his likeness. Sorta....
It was very dark in the bar at this point.

The bass player.
He moved the most, but I captured his side view a bit.

And then....the lead's guitar.
The lead singer didn't move much so that made it easier to try and capture his likeness, but I struggled, non the less. He had a beautiful voice and this great red guitar and I had so much trouble drawing him cause I wasn't seeing in pencil...I wasn't seeing line...I was seeing paint....I was seeing him painted....but I kept trying to capture his likeness. So, I kept trying....

....and trying.

...and trying.

....and trying.

And I finally sorta captured him in pencil.
But the image in paint remained in my head.

...and so I had to paint him...

As always, I send up a thanks to everyone I had the opportunity to draw that night, most especially the band. You were all a helpful part of this never ending creative journey called art.