Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Traditional Leaf shot


There is nothing quite like going home to relax and readjust. This visit to PA was spectacular. Not only did I get reconnect I had a most wonderful walk in the woods with one of my childhood friends whom I haven't seen in well over 25 years.

It is strange to think about how much time has passed between us yet how easily we were able to catch up. It was as if no time passed at all. Our personalities have pretty much stayed the same throughout our respective journeys and sitting and talking with my friend for hours that early Sunday morning was not only truly uplifting, it was spiritual. I am looking forward to hiking and talking with her again soon.

Of course, what hike wouldn't be complete without some photos? Just a few of the shots I took on the trail in the mountains of PA. I sorta consider this my backyard.

At the very top of the mountain

Cheeky little bugger
Can you see him?....

Of course packing up and coming back to the city was tough. Every time I return I find something "odd" has happened. Either a pet has run off or they have died or something crazy is in full steam and I walk into it. This time around I found the religious statue of Mary I am currently painting (cause if you are an artist and are Catholic you KNOW you'll be painting everyone's statues) covered with worms. I have no IDEA why or what these things are, but they certainly have a sense of humor. It definitely lightened the reality of being back here in this city.

Mary with her Man-stash

Friday, September 24, 2010

New Pendants and a Mini Maj

New Glass Pendants

I've been plastered to my studio desk these last couple of weeks. It's been a trying few months for me and a sabbatical away from work was actually not a very good thing for me. I need to work. I love to work and with all that has transpired in my life I am finding that nothing calms or rejuvinates quite like working and creating at my desk space. I feel somewhat sane again. I have ventured into playing with glass tiles and I'm finding it rather fun. The final effects are very stunning and I made a few pendants for Halloween which I think I'll have for sale soon.

Mini Maj in buckskin going grey
Currently For Sale

I also finally finished the Mini Maj and found the exploration in oils on this guy to be very fascinating. I loved how the transparency of the lighter colored oils were able to bring richer depth to the piece without creating a "chalky" appearance. I quickly started a Mini Fab after I started experimenting with the glazes on this guy because I wanted to make sure I captured the same effect but in silver dappled dun. Im very hooked on oils and glazing at the moment.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Bolt caught the other day during a storm


It's been a long summer, but as of this week I am officially back in the studio and picking up where I left off earlier in June. I took a much needed break and I am happy to say I am ready to be back at my studio desk. Problem with breaks is if you are in them TOO long you don't want to work and being poolside for most of the summer did wonders for my tan and infused some laziness in my work ethic. Of course, I did have some other stuff going on that needed attention, but as life goes on so do I. Afterall one cannot just sit around waiting for stuff to happen or for things to right themselves. We make our destiny.....and with that thought in mind I continue work on:

Quick shot of Mini Crusher

A Mini Crusher in dappled grey.
A Mini Fabrizio in dappled silver dun.
A Mini Maj in buckskin going grey (who will be a sales item very soon).
A Lil Pumpkin and some bases for those gals.
A Mini Scarlett in the most beautiful appy (I love my appies!).
A Halfie set.
...And I've started exploring some jewelry making. Just a little pendant creating which has helped me loose myself in fun. It's always important to just have fun.

My commission books will be opening again once I get a bit more done on current commissions. Well, back to the studio! It's good to be back.

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Hangin' about

I've been hangin about here watchin my son swim and the summer fade slowly into fall. I'm actually looking forward to fall and a new season. I should be back in the studio fully by the 2nd week of Sept. I've been working on a few commissions and made some slow but steady progress this summer. I have a Mini Crusher that is just coming out lovely and I'm excited to share him with you all. There are a few other things to share as well and I hope to do that soon.