Thursday, January 20, 2011

Tree Mural (cont.)

Revised sketch of tree

The process....

So the gnarly fat tree I drew the other day for the wall mural was given some revisions. "Make it thinner and to the left" was the suggestion. Although I was quite married to the original version I can see how this change will work better on a wall around furniture. Part of creating a wall mural is first showing the client a fairly accurate sketch. The artist can't deviate from this sketch once approved. Artist liberty is saved for other projects. Going from quick sketch to painted sketch is done by using a cheap light box....aka the window.

Makeshift light box

Drawing transferred to watercolor paper

After the original approved sketch is traced through the window onto water color paper it is then taped to a flat board. I have one special board I use for all my illustrations. I'm a bit superstitious about it and tend to use only this particular board. It has years of paint and tape and even clay attached to it. There is something soothing and familiar about those marks. After the paper is firmly attached I begin painting using a combination of water color paints and watered down acrylics. The paper usually takes quite a beating (hence the need to tape it down firmly). This particular sketch took about 3 hours to bring to finish.

The owner of Divine Rooms (whom I'm working with on this project) approved the sketch and sent it off to the client. We now we wait to see if the client approves it for the wall. I'm rather excited to begin putting paint to wall.

Tree colored and ready for client to view

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tree Mural

Tree for Nursery

Currently I am mentally and physically preparing to paint a mural with Divine Rooms. Mentally I need to draw and paint the subject over and over in my head days, even weeks before the project starts. Physically I need to sketch several ideas out and then hone in on one that pleases me. There have been some changes by the client on this one which I'll work on tonight but basically this is the tree that will grace the wall of a nursery. The crib will stand right under the main branch.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

My Easel...

My easel has been calling me for about a month now. I managed to ignore it till last night. Last night it got the best of me and BAD! In a frenzy I pulled out my painting supplies dusted them off and just dove into an image from my head. Now that I'm several hours into the project I really wish I had reference or a model. Stuff isn't working well and it's because I didn't plan ahead. I didn't plan because I figured my painting jag would last an hour and I'd mush some oils around and be done. Nope. Not only was it pure bliss I feel the need to paint again today and have graphics flowing through my brain like text and hard lines which I want to incorporate into the next piece. Between the oil painting attack and being inspired by Anahata Katkin I get the feeling something major is brewing. Something new perhaps.....

Here is the rest of the progression this piece took. Once the painting dries fully I hope I can fix that face.....and the body.....and those trees....and....

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Avery Loretta

Couldn't get a decent pic
that day because the lighting changed
in the room.

A little girl by the name "Avery Loretta" got a brand new bedroom. Working with Divine Rooms this week brought back many memories from college, namely some painful days trying to draw type. Yep, I said "draw" it as way back in the day the Mac wasn't even being used for design. Design was done on old fashioned mechanicals with registration marks and (gasp) rubylith. Back in the day typography was hand lettered and if you went to art school you had to sit through painful classes of lettering complete with special paper, tracing paper and weird shaped pencils.

I remember thinking strongly how utterly ridiculous the typography class was that I had to take. The book needed for the class was this over sized ring bind type book that was heavy and ugly and never did fit on the shelves nicely. It always jutted out screaming, "I'M HERE!" So many times I tried to throw it away but for some odd reason couldn't. During a recent cleaning jag in the studio I found myself on the fence about tossing it for good. It went from the donation bin to the Paperback Book Swap bin several times till it landed back on the shelf screaming, "HA HA!!! YOU CANT GET RID OF ME!"

I guess I'm happy I didn't chuck it for it has been most helpful in the past year while drawing type on porcelain and on cards and yes, even on walls. I think my teacher Ruth Guzik would be proud or at least pretend to be at the finished product in Avery's room.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

More Hearts....

Sharing some more recent hearts from my collection that I was able to quicky capture. I love when they show up. (None were manipulated. They are as they appeared).

This one blew right at my feet!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year.....New Inspirations

Art by Anahata Katkin

Even before the ball dropped last night in Times Square my mind was lost in the possibilities of the new year. There have been some new inspirations rapidly popping up all around me which are, no doubt, going to whisk me away to a fabulous new year. The more I ignore these inspirations the louder they get.

I can no longer ignore the work of Anahata Katkin which I was introduced to by my cousin Angela during a recent painting gig. The colors, shapes and sparkles drew me in like cheese to a little mouse. Tasty. I'm now finding myself painting and illustrating differently in my head. I say in my head as I have not allowed these ideas to flourish yet on paper. I guess I'm not ready to make them reality. Soon though they will force themselves out. I'll have no other choice but to let them flow because they will drive me insane until I listen to them.

I sense a lot of change and further inspirations coming in 2011. I'm excited and I'm ready. Like a little bird ready to fly away on the right breeze....

More beautiful pieces by Anahata

I LOVE this piece!

I would love this blue in a room
of my house one day.

Beautiful and inspiring artwork
by little cousin Andrea

(These critters were on the ceiling of Andrea's bedroom which he graciously gave up for me to stay over on New Year's Eve. I stared at these guys all night long and was inspired greatly by his artwork.)