Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year.....New Inspirations

Art by Anahata Katkin

Even before the ball dropped last night in Times Square my mind was lost in the possibilities of the new year. There have been some new inspirations rapidly popping up all around me which are, no doubt, going to whisk me away to a fabulous new year. The more I ignore these inspirations the louder they get.

I can no longer ignore the work of Anahata Katkin which I was introduced to by my cousin Angela during a recent painting gig. The colors, shapes and sparkles drew me in like cheese to a little mouse. Tasty. I'm now finding myself painting and illustrating differently in my head. I say in my head as I have not allowed these ideas to flourish yet on paper. I guess I'm not ready to make them reality. Soon though they will force themselves out. I'll have no other choice but to let them flow because they will drive me insane until I listen to them.

I sense a lot of change and further inspirations coming in 2011. I'm excited and I'm ready. Like a little bird ready to fly away on the right breeze....

More beautiful pieces by Anahata

I LOVE this piece!

I would love this blue in a room
of my house one day.

Beautiful and inspiring artwork
by little cousin Andrea

(These critters were on the ceiling of Andrea's bedroom which he graciously gave up for me to stay over on New Year's Eve. I stared at these guys all night long and was inspired greatly by his artwork.)

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