Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Avery Loretta

Couldn't get a decent pic
that day because the lighting changed
in the room.

A little girl by the name "Avery Loretta" got a brand new bedroom. Working with Divine Rooms this week brought back many memories from college, namely some painful days trying to draw type. Yep, I said "draw" it as way back in the day the Mac wasn't even being used for design. Design was done on old fashioned mechanicals with registration marks and (gasp) rubylith. Back in the day typography was hand lettered and if you went to art school you had to sit through painful classes of lettering complete with special paper, tracing paper and weird shaped pencils.

I remember thinking strongly how utterly ridiculous the typography class was that I had to take. The book needed for the class was this over sized ring bind type book that was heavy and ugly and never did fit on the shelves nicely. It always jutted out screaming, "I'M HERE!" So many times I tried to throw it away but for some odd reason couldn't. During a recent cleaning jag in the studio I found myself on the fence about tossing it for good. It went from the donation bin to the Paperback Book Swap bin several times till it landed back on the shelf screaming, "HA HA!!! YOU CANT GET RID OF ME!"

I guess I'm happy I didn't chuck it for it has been most helpful in the past year while drawing type on porcelain and on cards and yes, even on walls. I think my teacher Ruth Guzik would be proud or at least pretend to be at the finished product in Avery's room.

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