Thursday, August 4, 2011

At the Casino

So my baby brother and his lovely fiance came in for a visit. There is nothing I love more than visitors, most esp. my baby brother. When he visits it's a constant stream of laughing and hi jinx between us. And this last visit left me with sides hurting. We managed to find our way up to the casino and as is the norm with me I wasn't without my sketchbook. These were the best three from the session.

At the slot machine

Playing craps
he looked very frustrated

He looked absolutely bored
to tears sitting
at that machine.

I also managed to finish a couple of horses. Thought I'd share those too. If you find favor with these pieces please note that my commission books have been opening every 1st week of the month. Secure a spot and have your favorite resin painted by me. These openings are announced on both my Facebook page and my Yahoo News group. Please be sure to check them both out!

Finished "Telsa" commission

Maureen Love foal customized in bay

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