Thursday, September 1, 2011

New Edition to the Studio

Favorite jacket ruined

I love mice!
I love to draw them with clothes on and I love to draw them with clothes off. I'll draw them on paper, and I'll draw them on porcelain and I'll even sculpt them in clay, but when I find out there is a wild mouse in my house I sorta freak. Not cause I'm afraid of them, they are actually cute when the scamper about my things in the house. No, I'm more afraid of the damage they'll cause and the diseases they may carry. I've tried traps (shiver), poison (shiver) and a myriad of other methods I care not to mention in order to get rid of them from a house. In the end the best method for keeping mice out of the house is a cat.

For the first time since I was a child I'm sharing my home with a cat. This was something completely unplanned for both me and for the cat. See, her owner's new landlord refused to let them keep her. And see those little holes in my pocket there? Yeah, only one animal can make precision holes like that and that animal is a mouse. The little critter got the entire seam on my favorite "bird" jacket. Worn while walking my dog Kiko and while handling my chickens this jacket was one of those things I just couldn't forget from Brooklyn when I left. That pocket has held many treats in it's day. It's one of those cozy oversized ugly pieces of clothing you hope no one sees you in on the street if you have to take garbage out, but it's the first jacket you reach for when the temperatures chill. In a split second I realized I needed a cat and in the same instance her owners realized she needed a new home. It became a win win situation and a new edition to the studio.

Naturally once the cat came out of her shell and we bonded a whole slew of drawings ensued. I had forgotten how very much fun cats are to draw. They can put their bodies into all sorts of interesting shapes. Even their heads are a lovely shape to draw. Of course "Tigger" or "Ms. Tig Tig" as she seems to have been named liked petting more and drawing less. Despite her trying to teach me new ways to procrastinate I did jot down a few quick sketches.

Ms. Tig Tig
First Day new Home

No, no...lets procrastinate now

Overall, she's a lovely new edition to our home and studio. A very calming and quiet soul who is keeping me company as I work. I love having company in the studio. :)

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