Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Twenty Some Odd Days

Lynn Fraley Draft stallion
being painted a bay roan.

It's been twenty some odd days since I updated the blog. Most of this time has been spent on commissions and on turning parts of the new home I've been ignoring into a "house". A place where we can feel warm and cozy and where brand new memories can really and truly take hold. Up until this point I was just unpacking.

The town of Nanticoke, PA.
Sept 2011 flood.

The town of Nanticoke, PA.
Sept 2011 flood.

This urning to make my home truly warm and inviting came about after our valley got flooded. The flooding made National news. Seeing parts the town slowly getting enveloped in water was strange. Walking to the edge of the water and seeing people's belongings already ruined by flood waters that, in low lying areas already reached the tip of the ceilings on the first floor by the second day of flooding, made me thankful for living on a hill and thankful for all that I have received. It was time to stop procrastinating and complaining about all the work I had to do in the house because thankfully I didn't have to muck out and rebuild my home. I just had to paint it.

Such work though does take time and the time slot it ripped into was blogging time. But commissions come in, commissions go out. Many commission requests this time around have been for the color roan. Bay roan and blue roan have been the most popular colors requested and thankfully I love painting them. Laying hair down one spec at a time is rather meditative. Of course, after a month of roan work I am now craving to paint a plain ol' chestnut/sorrel. So if you have that color in mind for a stablemate sized piece let me know. You've got a spot on the commission books!

Well, the roans are calling me!

A desk full of roans and
a dappled rose grey in the mix.

SM sized mare
dappled rose grey
Will be a sales item soon.

"Winter" plate from the
"Four Seasons" illustration project.

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