Monday, October 3, 2011

Open: Commission Books. & A Taste Of Fall


Fall is here. The moment the calendar turned to October 1st it got freezing cold. Honestly, I could really use at least one more month of hot July weather and a few more dips in a swimming pool. I feel as if winter was just here.

Fall and winter in the big city is much different than in the country. In the city everything just gets cold and the trees turn brown and the leaves fall and it looks depressing. Here in the country the trees slowly turn color and then stay brilliant for about a week and then fall. The best part is that once they fall the woods floor is a beautiful carpet of color to walk on. Im looking forward to those walks in the woods. Also decorating the house is more fun. Of course I was perplexed by the way they do business in the country. You certainly wouldn't see this type of monitary exchange in Brooklyn! LOL.

Lastly, commission books are now open for the month of Oct. Spots are limited. Please email me at: if interested. All sizes are being accepted. Was able to get a Mini Lonestar commission into the studio but would love to paint a few more up if you are interested. I loved painting the big guy up and the little one will be like potato chips for me.

Most recent commission
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