Tuesday, October 25, 2011

German Shepherd: A Visual Step-By-Step

Laying out the drawing
in colored pencil

I've been consumed by acrylics recently. Illustrations and portraits have encompassed my thoughts. I've learned its best to just sit down, pull out the paints and let the ideas flow when my mind can't think of anything else but painting on a flat surface. This time around I was enticed by the nuance of browns, blacks and blues within the portrait of a German Shepherd. I started capturing the process early on and was pleased with the end result.

This portrait was painted in acrylic on archival bristol.

Blocking in main color.

Slowly defining more shape.

Defining more shapes and color.

Trying to capture the
structure of the actual dog.
l believe he looked most like the real dog here.

More refinement of structure.

Honing in on details.

The finish ready for presentation.

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