Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Water Water Everywhere

Storm clouds....many of them

I love rain, but this past fall we've really gotten bombarded with far too much of it. Just when I think my cellar is dry more water seems to creep out from....somewhere. The walls I guess. Everyone around here has the same problem. Water in their basements. Most owners have sump pumps running, others dig trenches. Previous owners of my house dug trenches in the cement to help drain the excess when weather would get bad, but this fall Mother Nature has been relentless.

My lovely down stairs studio now resembles a dungeon. It's cold, damp and just plain uninviting. I've been trying to embrace the fact that this is how it will be during certain times of the year but I am having difficulty wrapping my brain around working with the dampness.

Poor easel waiting
to get back to work

Most of my work has been taking place in my office/studio. But as delicate and involved projects come to a close and new ideas for canvas work surface it's time to face all that water for good.

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