Thursday, December 15, 2016

While Im Away....

During the long silence I found myself finishing many pieces. Here are just a few of the pieces I completed most recently that I truly enjoyed working on.

Sarah Mink's "Fritz" resin
in a chestnut color.
Beautiful resin. Recent finish.

"Leela" resin sculpted by Jennifer Danza
and addition of a butterfly created a new look.
Leela is still available for purchase.

Donna Chaney's drafter secured to a brick
base and painted a chestnut tobiano.

Copperfox Model customized to a British Spotted Pony.
Loved showing this little gal! She NANed her first time out!
Sold, but still well loved by me.

My little "Leela" resin all dolled up in a spotty mule color.
This gal named, "Leeaberry" qualified for the
Nationals her first time out.

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