Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Martha Clara

This past holiday weekend we took a much needed family trip to Long Island's Martha Clara vineyard. We had such a wonderful time visiting with family, feeding the goats, petting the Percherons (they were gorgeous) running in sunflower fields and tasting yummy wine. Although I took my sketchbook with me it was my camera that I felt most comfortable with as my medium that day. I captured many wonderfully artistic shots but this is probably my most favorite photo from that weekend.

Playing at Martha Clara Vineyard

After such great weekends the studio remains quiet. I take to fixing things in the house and just cleaning up since most excursions out begin with a whirlwind of a mess left at the home base. We have never been able to leave on holiday without a stressful exit. LOL Im not sure why.

I was asked to produce another cover for JAH. I am anxiously awaiting the UPS truck and a delivery sometime this week. Got a sneak peek at the item Ill be photographing and its really a lovely piece. Something brand new. Im also excited to see the last cover in print. Im told it went off to the printers last week. That's one we will send home to mom.

My Gammon is done. Im so pleased with him too. He wanted to be an appy so I obliged. The more I worked on him the more in love I fell with his mold. The sculpture is just amazing. He would have been for sale already this week, but I had this idea to create a beautiful stone wall for him. I have the wall....in 8 pieces, unfortunately. I called in hubby to assess the problem. I believe that I need to wait 2 weeks for the plaster sections to dry thoroughly and then I have to use something called "Liquid Nails" to hold it all together properly. Im happy their is a solution in sight, but Im feeling rather impatient as I am dying to paint up that wall and pop Gammon on top of it. I know he is going to look smashing! I just cant wait to show him off.

Well, tea time is over and sleep is a must.
Talk again soon

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