Monday, March 21, 2011

Some Days

Inspired by his neck

Some days you just have to throw your hands up in the air and go out for a drink with a good friend! That is exactly what I did this past Saturday when my week turned into this tumultuous event of highs and lows. Chocolate martinis (and some vanilla ones too) turned out to be the perfect remedy for such an unpredictable week.

Odd and artist is a natural combination so when I walked into the bar (earlier than my friend) all eyes were fixated on me and of course my rhinestone tiara. My friend was recently lamenting how it is never a good time to wear a tiara unless you're getting married or are a fictional princess. Having been very inspired months ago by cousin Angela to wear my tiara often and wear it proudly, most especially when times are tough, we decided that this Saturday was the perfect day to bring out the head bling.

I hate waiting, but have learned to come prepared with a sketchbook for such times. Sitting in a bar alone as a woman is never a comfortable situation, but add a sparkly tiara to the mix and you have a delicious recipe for being super uncomfy! So, out came the sketchbook (which always raises my comfort level) and down went some fairly decent drawings....that is, until the first martini hit my lips. I could have sworn I drew more but I think they got lost between martinis, laughter and song.

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