Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Pinholes filled and sanded.

No matter how diligent and well one preps a resin there will always be those naughty pinholes that show up unexpectedly. They love to pop out as soon as a little bit of paint has been layered onto the resin.

This Eberl "Forte" resin had quite a party of fun pinholes that popped up without notice after about the third layer of paint was added. What do to? Well, deal with them with some filler and then sanding.

Unfortunately, one also has to deal with reapplying paint after all that sanding and this piece took about six or seven layers of paint to get the sanded areas to match the rest of the body. I documented the process cause it always looks scary, but with persistence it all turns around to a pleasant finish.

First layers of color.

Many more layers.

Looks good as new!

View with the reference in the background.

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