Friday, June 12, 2015

Changing Of The Guard

All brushes go here.

Since 1990 I've continually used the same container to wash all my brushes out. The bowl was an old discarded soup bowl with a nifty "Mushroom Soup" recipe around the body. This was my water container of choice. The container followed me throughout college and through my professional life as an illustrator and into my adventures in the model horse industry as a full time artist.

Every paint mark left and every every chip created more and more character throughout the years. Yesterday, one of those chips traveled into a crack and this loved art supply had to be retired. It will now hold brushes and has been replaced with a brand new water container! I felt it was blog worthy as this art supply is the most used art supply in my studio. No project can get past without having spent some time with the water mug.

So to the new "Joy" mug with happy snowmen cheering me on through every art project, illustration and horse painting…….cheers and happy painting for many more years!!

The crack that doomed the mug.

The happy new replacement!

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