Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Old Fashioned Porcelain

China painted porcelain box

For an artist in love with china there is nothing like an old fashioned piece of porcelain. Better yet, nothing like getting to paint up that old piece of blank porcelain.

This particular "first tooth" box required about six firings to get the finished look. That's quite a bit of electricity to be honest and one of the many reasons why hand painted china's can get pricy. It's a layering process that requires special pigments and oils. I prefer to use lavender oil when painting. It's smooth and holds the color well. This time around I chose to color the entire piece, including the inside, so the white of the baby tooth stands out once it's placed inside.

I hope the recipients find it to be a timeless keepsake all around.

Deciding to put the
baby's name on lid or side.

Painting the gold on
is the best part!

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