Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Now You See Him....

Now you see him:

Original sculpt of a hedgehog in wax.

Now you dont:

"Plastered Hedgie"
Hedgie getting molded.

Hedgie, my little hedgehog sculpt was subject to the molding box this afternoon. Making the box was less stressful than normal. The mold box glued up in no time. Plaster mixed up perfectly. My only concern this time around? His little pudgie body gave me some trouble when I went to pull the original out of the plaster mold. I really had to struggle to get it out. Im hoping its not going to be a problem when it comes to pouring ceramic molds. I'm determined to get a few good castings from this mold. I'll band saw the sucker if I have to to get the right results! LOL

Its been pretty hectic in the studio. One hectic issue has been photography. I was assigned to another JAH cover and decided to hold the entire shoot outdoors. The set up is taking me a fairly long time to produce. There is a stream and lots of trees and an abundance of brush. All of that layering took time. Last night it rained and a good portion of my set up was destroyed. Hopefully resetting things up wont be much of a hassle.

Another busy issue within the studio has been the separation of my sculpture and ceramic art from the model horse site. I've decided it was not only time to tidy up this area of my site, but it would make more sense to take it all away from the model horse stuff. The easiest way to do it was to make a brand new website. The big unveiling will happen (hopefully) around Thanksgiving or so. Hopefully! I still have the galleries to design and those are the most involved of the pages.

Lastly, today was the very first day my son wanted to stay down in the studio with me. After taking care of all the animals on the property he wandered into the studio (we have to pass it to get outside through the basement) and he wanted to stay. Usually he wants to rush upstairs and play, but today he wanted to draw and I welcomed his company. Im scrambling trying to make more room so we can fit a little desk or something down here for him. The world of clay and finger painting awaits us! There is no time to loose! :)

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