Monday, November 26, 2007

They Say The Apple Doesn't Fall Far.

I had my 20 th high school reunion this weekend. What a wild walk back in time it was for me to see old classmates. I really cant believe its been 20 years since we graduated. I had a great, GREAT time! I'm so glad a few fellow classmates went through all the trouble to put such a lovely event together for us.

Of course, before making the trip into PA I had to do a bit of shopping for the affair. I normally hate shopping. It takes away from creative time and I always seem to walk out of the dressing rooms far from relaxed. I'm not a clothing hound, nor do I die over want for a shoe, but shoe shopping is much less stressful than clothing and I actually feel inspired by the designs of shoes. The color and material combinations seem to find their way home into my studio. This time around I was smitten with a little Calvin Klein number with a big ol red buckle. One size left and it was, to my surprise, my size. It was totally meant to be! They will carry me through the holiday and my mind has been racing on the chunky square shape and hot red color ever since the purchase. How this will transpire into my studio this time around remains to be seen.

What I truly found odd and uncanny about the pull to buy this pump was that apparently my mother had the same urge months ago to purchase her "red buckle" shoe. I was so taken back by the sight of her pulling this shoe out to show me that yes, I had to photograph them together.

They say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Boy, they ain't kiddin.

Our "red buckle" shoes

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