Thursday, January 3, 2008

Inspirational Chores

"Mindy" resin (commission)
and Fraley "Netzky" resin (will be next sales piece.)

1-1-08: The first day of the new year has been sorta crappy so far. Clean up, grocery shopping and ironing make for a mind numbing adventure. Blah! Im hopefully that I will be able to have some quality time in the studio tonight once my son settles down for the night.

1-3-08: I am happy to say that I finally did get down to the studio the next day and had some very relaxing, productive time down there. Too much housework is no good for this artistic soul. I get very cranky.

When I was down there I tried to turn the webcam on, but couldn't pick up a signal. My computer not finding the router has been the real reason my cam has been down. I've conducted practice sessions, but I always loose my connection at some point which I know will frustrate viewers.

I've got a real burst of energy to work on pastelling so I'm putting this energy toward finishing the lingering commissions. My goal is to really get most either done or near completion by the beginning of February. This urgency is due to two factors. A). that owners have waited far too long and B). I can't stop coming up with ideas for more sculptures. If I don't get current work done now I'm really going to be in trouble cause I find that if I don't start these new projects the images seem to torture me till I get them out and on paper on clay. At this point I really can't afford to start any more projects, but as I was doing my chores another great idea for a sculpt hit me out of the blue and the image is sorta plaguing me.

I was taking care of my father-in-law's animals and his fancy pigeon caught my eye. I'm not really into birds. Not only do I feel its cruel to keep such an animal in a cage cause I believe they are more beautiful out flying about, but they are rather smelly and messy to me. Alas, my father-in-law is one of those old Brooklyn boys who just love their pigeons. He used to fly about 100 or more in the back yard when he was well. He has one left and since my father-in-law can't really go out I take care of it.

The feeling between me and the bird is mutual. It doesn't like me (or anyone or anything for that matter) and I don't like him. But yesterday I caught him eyeing me up as I was replacing his food in his dish. His body, head and even his beady little eye looked so beautiful. The shape was amazing and in a flash I saw him in porcelain (my newest love affair) and I could have kicked myself for not having my sketchbook with me at that moment to take down the pose. I could sorta see why my father-in-law loves these animals. I would love to sculpt his bird, cast it and present him with it for father's day. If he can't be with the animal in person maybe a porcelain replica would be nice to have.

In any case, its ideas like this that are plaguing my other work these days. So, its time to finish the lingering work up properly and move onto other projects that my head is screaming to go to.

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