Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Beautiful designs from the sky

The big news yesterday SNOWED!!! It was our first snowfall. Not enough to really make a snowman or sled about the yard, but it was big fluffy snow that had design! I love when that happens. It's truly magical to catch a glimpse of a snowflake in its perfect design state. I took the new Exilim out side and the video camera to capture my son enjoying the falling flakes. We have been hearing about so many states getting snowed in, but havent had an opportunity to enjoy a bit of the white stuff ourselves this year.

With the cold snow blowing about, the warm studio was so inviting. I made a lovely pot of jasmine tea and added a bit more dust to about three different horses. I work on several at a time because the fixatives I am currently using take quite a while to dry. So, while one is drying another is getting dusted. This way no time is being lost in the studio.

Here are some of the pieces Im currently pastelling. The first two are commissions and the foal is for my personal collection so they won't be sales items. Never-the-less, I'm very happy with the way these pieces are developing.

Pregnant Arab mare

Eberl Drafter getting dusted

A special gift from a good friend

I'm excited to add the hairing details on the pregnant Arabian mare. I'm actually sorry I didn't take progress shots of her. I believe she would have made a great painting tutorial.

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