Tuesday, February 12, 2008


"KA-PAW!!!" There goes "Hedgie!"

Please note: this drop was conducted on privately owned property.
The area was secure and clear for such an activity.

It was an emotional day for me yesterday when I dropped "Hedgie's" mold from the rooftop terrace. It was a bit celebratory too cause it marked the official end of his production. As I was picking up the pieces I felt a sense of pride in knowing that he was born from a blob of wax and cast all by my little ol' self. Not only was he cast in earthenware china and glazed, but was also cast in porcelain. My work in porcelain is something I never thought I'd live to see. My dream is to one day look back on my personal little porcelain Hedgie and remember the pride I had this day. Hopefully he will be sitting next to hundreds of other little critters I've created.

Inside Hedgie's mold

Every new owner will get a little piece of "Hedgie's" mold. I'm a sentimental sap that can't seem to get rid of anything in the studio. I hang on to things just cause, "you never know." But the studio can't hold another dust collector and this idea of giving a little part of "Hedgie's" origin was a perfect way, I felt, to commemorate "Hedgie's" creation. It also seemed like a more valiant end to a good mold than to just chuck it in the trash. I didn't have the heart to do that.

Now, back to work. I have a Eberl drafter I'm painting to a dark forest chestnut and I'm enjoying the process and craving to have my hands in dust this afternoon. I'll have pictures soon of him to share with you all.

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