Saturday, July 16, 2011

Bar Sketching

Big hair, up high. Loved that
her cheeks and neck became one.

So what does an artist do on a Friday night when there is no one around and her son is partying in Brooklyn? (Yes, he was at a sleep over party having a tremendous time with his cousins). We gather pencils, pens and other drawing items and hit crowded places to sketch people. The fact that I wanted a cold beer prompted my trip to the local bar.

Last night I was very interested in people's faces and capturing their features. We all have two eyes, a nose, a mouth, ears and etc., but the combination of how these elements are placed together vary greatly which make up an individual. Capturing that in live time with people moving and watching and wondering (and getting drunk) can be difficult, but very fun. Here are some of the better sketches from last night at the bar.

Tommyboy's, Nanticoke PA

Shape of his neck
was fun to draw.

Her hair and eye lashes
intrigued me and I had to draw her.

Sometimes when people
shift positions in a chair
it creates interesting lines.

Bar view.
Way too much change/movement so I
quickly bagged this idea and centered in
on just capturing faces.

He knew something was up.
He wasn't pleased and kept an eye on me.

Yeah, people sometimes get pissed about being drawn. I've never understood that, but an angry person is something I have to contend with from time to time. This guy was quickly sketched and I avoided making any more eye contact with him. Overall the bar was a very pleasant one to sketch in and no one really bothered me. A few were curious and sent a designated person over to ask what I was doing. News quickly spread throughout the bar. That happens too.

Arms crossed was
difficult to capture.

Guy with the big gold chain
knew something was up too.
He kept a close watch.

Loved how elongated his
face was. The goatee accentuated the features

Yeah, papa had a
rockin' neck!

And, that was that. I'm currently searching out for another bar to sketch in maybe next week. A bar is good since people move in and out of view, but stay long enough to be captured on paper. This was just way too fun not to do again.

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