Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Summer Plate

Summer Plate with
"wheat" sample

I tend to juggle many different projects all at once. It keeps me on my toes creatively and keeps inspiration at an all time high. After finishing a Telsa resin and nearing finish on two Working Girl resins I got the urge (and inspiration) to revisit the huge problem area in the one Four Season plate I've titled "Summer".

The lower portion of flowers and wheat proved to be difficult right from the sketching phase where I just scribbled in something just to have that area covered with pencil marks. I always say that I'll figure it out later on and sometimes such areas never find finish, but last Thurs and Friday were the days I felt inspired and decided to tackle this area.

I'm very glad I decided to create a sample of wheat on a piece of scrap bristol. Having the sample nearby and having the process still fresh in my mind helped during the 3rd and 4th layers of the plate. As you can see, there was a problem with blocking in color and form right from the start, but I managed to tame it and I like the look. It isn't as covered with wheat and stalks as I originally envisioned, but I believe with all the activity on the bottom of the illustration a simpler handling was what this area needed.

Left hand side
with first layers

Several layers later
wheat begins to form

Upper portion now a problem

Of course, once areas come closer to finish the remaining areas start to look bad and the upper portion of clouds now need serious attention. Clouds are difficult to paint. I was fortunate enough to see and quickly capture some incredible clouds hanging over the house the other day. I will keep them on my Blackberry and refer to them as I flesh out the form and color in the upper left hand portion of this illustration. I couldn't ask for more perfect clouds.

As this piece nears completion I'll start on the "Winter" plate and handle it the very same way. Many layers of washes and then acrylics and then finishing touches in oil.

Perfect "live" reference

"Winter" plate getting taped
and prepped for sepia washes

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