Saturday, April 6, 2013

Live Sketching- Mohegan Sun Casino & Huns West Side Cafe, PA

This week flew without many posts, but I finally had an opportunity to take a jaunt out to the local bar and the casino to live sketch and I wound up with some fun stuff to share.

Most recently, during these sketching sessions, I've found myself in a darker creative mood. For whatever reason an old classroom assignment keeps popping up in my head whenever I visit these places. The assignment was entitled, "The Seven Deadly Sins" and class upon class that came and went through the hallways of Pratt were asked to illustrate one (or all) of these sins at one point in their career at the school.

I have image upon image floating in my head right now which are based on this assignment pairing with these images I've sketched. My recent excursions to bars and the casino have inspired me in strange new ways. Im not really sure where this creative vibe is taking me, but it's definitely fascinating to watch it unfold slowly.

These were the sketches from last night. The man with the cigarette is my favorite.

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