Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Motherload.....

Discarded frames.

I hit the mother load of all dumpster dives recently. Frames. Lots of them and all in nearly perfect condition. The hotel I work part time at had begun to throw away framed art they didn't need any longer. For an artist frames are like gold. I actually only needed 7 for a larger project Im working on but took more just in case I botched things up or needed to frame other art work.

I actually have several projects Im working on that I can't quite discuss, hence the silence on the blog recently but I did finish a beautiful "Dante" resin recently and will be sorry to see him leave my studio for good. The shading, the dapples and the color all came out as I had hoped. Im most pleased with him. He'll be missed here in the studio next week.

Finished Dante resin in dappled sooty bucksin:

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