Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Memory Lane

My (old) Dog "Doodles"

There are sketchbooks everywhere in my house. In the office, in the downstairs studio, in my den, in my kitchen and even in my attic. I grab sketchbooks and go and then toss them about when I return.

I came across a fairly old one this past week and had forgotten all about the drawings inside. It was almost like looking at an old diary or journal. I soon remembered places I visited and people and animals I saw along the way that intrigued me enough to draw them. It was a fun trip down memory lane. I thought it would be cool to share some of my favorite drawings from the sketchbook with you.

I lived in Park Slope, Brooklyn.
My roommate had a cat. She was mean, but fun to draw.

LOVED the way
her hand was resting. Captured it.
Straight ink on paper. Boom.

Ive always
loved to draw horses.
This was a more successful sketch that year.

A hot dog
making serious headway on the city streets.

The corner deli
in Park Slope.

The pickle and egg
jars you couldn't pay me
to touch in that deli.

Waiting for the show
at the NYC Aquarium.

One of the seals captured
in pen on paper. Boom.

Where I lived
in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

A beautiful woman on the train
traveling on the Q from Manhattan into Brooklyn.

Doodling things while watching the baseball game.
The Mets were loosing...obviously.

My mom's cat

That year the cicadas were LOUD!
Beauty in decay along the city streets.
Had to draw it!

Doodling a rabbit
character. Never finished that idea.

And the most wonderful of all sketches in this entire sketchbook. A sketch I forget I even made. A sketch I could never ever make again no matter how much I wanted. A sketch of my grandmother's living room. When someone passes on and their things are long gone from your immediate memory you forget all the details. That is, until something like this brings all those wonderful memories flooding in. For a moment, I was back in the house I loved with one of the most wonderful women in the world; my grandma.

My grandmother's living room.

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