Monday, October 14, 2013

What Do You Do?

A very large showhall.
Sometimes they are a little smaller than this.

"So, what exactly do you do?"

Time and again I am asked this question and each time it seems difficult to try and explain what I do to fill my days. Today I thought it might be helpful to take some photographs during a recent model horse show.

Ok, so you have miniature railroad enthusiasts who collect and set up trains and houses and little train stations with little people. There are some railroad hobbyists who play with their trains all throughout the year, not just during Christmas. Well, imagine that mode of thinking, but with horses. There are all types of breeds, saddles, bridles, stables, riders, and equipment. If the real equine industry has it, so does the model horse industry and we play with our miniatures all throughout the year as well.

Our favorite past time with them is taking them all out to shows and showing them off like a big dog or cat or horse show. I cater to this industry by offering painting services and I also fix show horses when they break.

Horses lined up and
ready for the classes.

Some set ups get very intricate
like this handmade wagon.

The straps, buckles and
even the little numbers are all hand made.

And just like the real shows
ours includes big ol ribbons.

A Peter Stone Arab
who didn't make it into the ring today.

But sometimes the show horses break either on their way to the show or during the show and that is where I come in. I set up shop right at the live show and offer repair to any one who needs it. I fix scratches, breaks, and rubs and pretty much anything else that happens to the show horses. In most cases the pieces can be fixed on the spot and they go back into the ring to show that day. Some pieces, like the broken Arab need a little more TLC and they wind up coming home with me into my studio.

And so, that is what I do when I am not doing the other art stuff I like to do.

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