Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Years Day

"Affinity" resin in dappled grey.
Newly completed commission in Mixed Media.

First day of a brand new year brings with it a feeling of a fresh new start and the listing of resolutions. It's hard to escape this task of making resolutions, especially for an artist. There is far too much to create and too many already lingering projects that may or may not be brought to fruition. My list of "to dos" has grown rather long over the years and I've learned to just pick one thing that really escaped my thoughts the previous year and just finish it.

This year my sculptures are on my mind and are my resolutions in the studio. There are two sculptures that have been lingering in my studio and in my head for several years now and I can't quite remember the excuses I gave for never finishing them. Ophelia and Leela need to be completed at least for my own sake and satisfaction. Leela is near completion, but the other is not near any kind of decent state. My Ophelia sculpture was left in the car and the heat inside the car melted her legs (no wire supports) and the rest of her just caved in and half of her was destroyed. I was literally about 3-4 hours away from completion when this happened. She has since remained on the shelf, but I can't help but wonder if I can fix her. She'll be a challenge, but I believe in the end a very fulfilling creation to complete.

Here's to a brand new year filled with many more creations.

The Damaged "Ophelia" sculpture
from all angles.

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