Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Not As Planned....Bubble & Spatter

Tiny bubbles pouring forth
from my airbrush.

Today did NOT go as planned. Before finishing my new mouse sculpture I decided to get a head start on a color idea on a Breyer Wixom mold. I saw a vision of a beautiful Sugarbush Draft Appaloosa on her and fired up the airbrush.

Unending spatter from my airbrush today.

Fired it up to find it bubbling and spattering with chaos all around the darned machine! It was apparent it did not want to be working today. It was still on Christmas vacation and I, in turn, spent most of my studio time trying to get it to work to no avail.

After a few frustrating hours, and no working airbrush, I decided to just finish tweaking the new bias relief I started last week.

You never know when a frustrating day will push your wits and will to the limit. No matter what stage of art one is at, such days still exist.

Newest sculpture in progress
A pony bias relief

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