Monday, January 2, 2017

My Studio Mascot

My studio mascot: Daisy.

In my old life I was married.

When the marriage dissolved an unpleasant death many, if not all, of the relationships I held in Brooklyn with former family and friends also dissolved. Almost all ended, but one. My relationship with a little bird who belonged to my former niece found it's way into my life again.

Curiously perched on my rolling cart
while I draw.

I was annoyed to find that no one wanted her in my x husband's family and she was being discarded. She looked healthy and good and wasn't a pest and I questioned why anyone would want to get rid of her. She's beautiful.

I've long since stopped trying to figure out humans and their desire to discard things and relationships when they no longer seem to "serve" them well. I took the unnamed bird and quickly named her because after almost 15 plus years (as far as I can calculate) she has never had a name and should have a pretty one. "Daisy" was perfect.

She is a quiet, but very present little companion during my studio time. I plan on creating a sculpture of her. She's inspiring me because our journeys seem to parallel one another in a strange way. As the new year begins she has brought a quiet closure to some unresolved thoughts and feelings I had with some aspects of my old married life. I'm glad for the closure.

Raising a fresh hot cup of morning coffee and a sweet coo to a great new year!
Happy New Year!

Ever curious and supportive.

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